Xrossfire's performance management team has a proven track record of consulting with major Mobile Operators and equipment vendors for end to end Performance Management of ICT. This involves agreeing KPIs to extracting data, analysing and trending over specific periods, then presenting results and making recommendations to improve KPIs.

Scope of work includes capture, analysis, trending on a daily/weekly/monthly basis of industry specified KPI of the RAN, Circuit Switched and Packet Switched Core Networks (including underlying IP/MPLS transport networks)

Based on the network data capture and analysis, Xrossfire can make design and/or operational recommendations to provide improvements to key performance indicators and hence tangible increases in network performance.

Useful data can be extracted from counters data from vendor specific Operations Support Systems (OSS) such as NSN’s NetAct or Ericsson’s Radio-Core Operation and Support System OSS-RC directly or via BI front ends such as Business Objects.

Xrossfire can reverse engineer and deconstruct specific KPIs in order to identify and isolate counters which make up the KPI. These counters are then individually optimised to improve the networks performance. This technique can be used to identify the top 20 or 50 network elements which can result in significant improvements.