HiTV Ltd

High Media Limited (also known as HiTV) is a multi-channel digital satellite TV service based in Nigeria, launched in 2007. It launched Direct to Home (DTH) Satellite technology on the August 1, 2007.  HiTV now broadcasts exclusively via satellite at the price of N3,500($27.73) monthly. It was the first television platform in Africa to deploy Hypercable, a terrestrial pay per view TV decoder system.

  • Developed US$150 mill project, West Africa’s unique TV system
  • Services 200 million population in a 3 million sq km footprint.
  • HiTV provides 42 channels of digital pay TV utilizing DTH satellite:
  • Content & services with MTV, Nickelodeon, Sky News, ESPN, Eurosport, BBC World, Al Jazeera, Fox Sports, CNN, TCM, Cartoon Network;
  • Developed local movie, game show and soap production (“Nollywood”) with different producers and advertisers such as Guinness and Coca Cola. Exported to 12 countries;
  • Negotiated and sourced funding for US$108 mill 3‐year live match broadcast rights, UEFA Cup, European Champions’ League football, May 2008;
  • February 2007, HiTV has sold 400,000+ subscriptions via distributors, dealers and agents;
  • Secured more than $17 million per annum in TV advertiser revenues.