Cisco MNET GP10 Basestation &

Voice Over IP Little Assistant: VOILA

XrossFire team members designed Cisco's first entries into the world of GSM.

It was the world's first GSM basestation to employ IP as a backbone, including IP Gateways for switching voice and data cellular calls rather than more expensive MSC/BSC/BTS.  Originally targeted for wireless office applications, it was quickly adopted by carriers for their infrastructure buildout as an evolutionary path towards an all IP network.

The GP10 was the first  fully functional GSM BTS without requirement for expensive MSC, BSC, HLR/VLR.  All calls were fully routed on Cisco routers and gateway solutions.

Major carriers in Sweden, Canada, Australia, France, Spain, Italy, and UK supported the GP10 deployment.

Cisco also presented the world's first fully functional and manufacturable mobile GSM based PDA at it's inaugural Mobile World Congress 2002.   Groundbreaking for its full integration with Microsoft based applications, it distinguished itself from  proprietary non-mobile PDA products.

VOILA developed tremendous excitement at the Congress, surprising mobile handset and laptop manufacturers alike.  The demonstration helped to showcase Cisco's MNET Pico-basestation product.

Unfortunately Cisco decided after the 2002 Mobile World Congress not to enter the GSM/3G mobile market and retired its mobile equipment support for mobile network operators