Cloud Rider v1.0           Secure Office Virtualization

Cloud network solutions proliferate for consumers and private corporations.  With the availabiity of the Cloud, it is no longer necessary to install and maintain applications on a personal PC.

However what about security ? XrossFire was contracted to create a simple pocket product named CLOUD RIDER to let users securely connect to the cloud on a "guest PC" while protecting data from accidentally being moved onto the guest PC.

Cloud Rider plugs into a USB port, and initiates a connection with the Cloud.  The user is not required to step through complex configuration and log-on procedures.  XrossFire's authentication procedure ensures that only the approved person gains access.  2-factor authentication with secure encrypted connections target host/portals through 4G, 3G, WiFi connections without confusing and complex VPN/SSH user configured sessions. Users simply carry the Cloud Rider personal "OS" and “protected workspace”.