Rohit Prabhakar has been working in the Mobile Telephony and Defence Avionics industries in excess of 30 years of which the last twenty have been in the Mobile industry. During this time Rohit has successfully performed a number of Senior Consultancy roles with both Vendors and Operators in UK as well as in Europe.

Rohit has worked in the field of wireless technologies for over twenty years, which includes GSM, GPRS and UMTS. He has a wide range of technical expertise from Radio, Access Transmission, BSCs, switching and all the way to current IP networks. Lately Rohit has developed the requisite skills for Packet Switched Core IP networks which make up the backbone of today's global Service Providers.

His breadth of experience within the Mobile Telecoms industry has been gained through a variety of consulting roles. Apart from his technical skills, Rohit has successfully managed Projects, Products, Engineering Trials, Technical teams, Network Operations and has excellent customer facing skills. In all his consultancy roles, Rohit has repeatedly demonstrated his exceptional soft skills in building relationships with Customers, Vendors and Outsourced partners.

Over the last few years Rohit has concentrated on Network Operations, Service Management and Performance Management. Rohit has contributed to defining key Operational strategy for start ups as well as negotiated and implemented large O&M contracts in particular in the European Nordic region.

At one of his previous clients Kone, Rohit was responsible for strategy and deployment of VoIP over Kone's global footprint. He was a part of the core team responsible for supplier consolidation and where he reduced the IT and Telecoms global vendors from 200 to just a handful. He was also instrumental in renegotiating contracts resulting in significant savings for Kone.

Recent achievements have been to stabilise and improve performance of Mobile Packet Core Networks, which has seen huge growth from smart phone service demand.

From his early career, Rohit has a background in design and development of microprocessor based Digital Signal processing systems for airborne early warning radar systems. He was leading large teams responsible for design and development activities of a number of cutting edge avionic sub systems for military applications. He later moved to Systems Design Engineering where he was providing technical systems solutions and participating in bidding processes.

Rohit has a BSc in Electrical Engineering from Salford University.