Bill is a director and founder of William Benton & Associates, Ltd., a Hong Kong based business development and industry research consulting firm established in 1999, and assists companies in constructing business strategies in the IT/telecoms/Internet sectors. Over the last 10 years, Bill has provided strategic, business development, market research, and systems engineering consulting services for a number of world-class technology firms, including Alcatel-Lucent,  Ascend Communications, Cisco Systems,   and Intel Corporation.

Bill is also a Director of Telecom Research at a prestigious market research firm in Hong Kong responsible for syndicated and custom research in 13 Asia Pacific markets.

Bill has also worked for a number of large global firms including General Electric, IBM, Reuters, and Nomura Research Institute where he has held various positions including CTO, Microprocessor engineer, financial analyst, industry analyst, author and consultant specializing in ICT and 4G mobile wireless. He is a co-author of Brave New Unwired World, 2002.

Bill has an BS in electrical engineering from Caltech (1981) and MS Electrical Engineering, University of Tokyo (1985), and fluent in Japanese