Dr. Victor K. L. Huang is a 30+ year veteran in high technology industrial management, having served as VP of engineering in 5 separate startups in Silicon Valley, and most notably led the establishment of the highly acclaimed Institute of Microelectronics (IME) for the Singapore government which resulted in Singapore’s highly successful silicon industry. He has also authored/co-authored over 30 IEEE and professional publications, and is a holder of 4 international patents.

He currently leads/hosts IEEE professional meeting activities in the electrical vehicle industry and standards activities with the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society.  Concurrently Dr. Huang is presently VP Better World, Ltd, manufacturer of Electric Vehicle Charge Stations for the in Electric Vehicles and infrastructure industry (EV).

Dr. Huang earlier helped lead groundbreaking microprocessor development while at Bell Labs, helping to create the industry's first 32-bit CMOS microprocessor the BellMac32A. Following Bell Labs, Victor led developments in the areas of wireless basestations, mobile consumer electronics such as PDAs, mobile cell phones, web tablets, and e-Readers.

Prior positions include VP/SVP of R&D and Operations in Spring Design (high-end dual screen e-Readers); Skipper Wireless Labs Inc (proprietary broadband wireless); Auctor Corp (PDA, web tablets); interWAVE Communications (GSM basestations); Deputy Director and Business Development Manager, Institute of Microelectronics (IME) Singapore; R&D Manager, Bell Laboratories.

Dr. Huang holds a BS (EE) from the Virginia Military Institute, a MS and PhD (EE) from the University. He is an IEEE Senior Life member, Life AdCom member of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society (IES), IES Technical Committee Chair of Standards, IES representative to the IEEE Standards Board, and member of the IEEE Transportation Electrification Initiative Committee.