Communication modem (Wireless) systems architect: OFDM-PHY signal processing/TDD-MAC, firmware / embedded s/w & h/w development. In- depth understanding of DSP/RISC architectures, Matlab, C & assembly languages & dev- tools.


  • PHY / MAC system Architect / Firmware Lead in Mobile LTE / WiMAX (802.16e) Baseband SOC chip development.
  • MAC Firmware in Mobile WiMAX/Wibro (802.16e) Baseband SOC chip development.
  • Lead engineer in Multi-Hop Broadband Wireless (TDD-FDM) Mesh Infrastructure SOC chip & equipment development.
  • MAC SW/FW in Wifi (802.11g) MAC firmware Low power SOC chip development.
  • Senior MAC f/w in Broadband Wireless (TDD) MAC SOC development.


  • Method and System for Reserving (Isochronous) Bandwidth in Communications Network – TDD Wireless network specific.
  • Method of providing local security in a Mesh Network.
  • High availability meshing scheme for time division duplex clusters on different frequency channels.


1993 – 1997, Karunya Institute of Technology, Coimbatore, India. Bachelor of Engineering (B.S.) degree in Electronics & Communications (DSP).




System Architecture

Design expert in h/w - s/w silicon.

DSP / Embedded Firmware/Software

DSP: MATLAB, DSP algorithm implementation/theory, OFDM PHY. RISC/DSP: Processor programming in Assembly, C & C++: Ti c64+ (TMS320c6455), Xtensa DSP, ARM (926EJS, 920T, 7TDMI), MIPS (4Kc, RM7000A), Proteus3 (32bit VLE RISC), Fujitsu-FR, 8051 family, PIC (MicroChip), AVR & NEC.

RTOS: ThreadX, Nuclues, eCOS, uC/OS-II, Linux, CISCO-IOS & OSEK/VDX.

Embedded Hardware

  • Design:  Microprocessors/controllers, Digital/Linear ICs and discrete electronics.
  • Wireless: BaseStations, Channel Emulators, WiMAX Sniffers, VSG & VSA
  • Tool-chains & JTAG-ICE: CCS 3.2, gcc/gdb-Insight (ARM, MIPS & Proteus3), RVCT, ADS 1.0, SDT 2.51, IAR, MULTI, RealView ICE, MULTI ICE, JEENI.
  • Analyzers: Protocol (AiroPeek, Ethereal, CATC-USB & CANoe), DSO & LA.
  • Other tools: SVN, CVS, Perforce, Clearcase, PVCS, Office, Visio, ORCAD, PROTEL
  • Systems:  Designed & wrote Software pipelined (CPU cycle crunched) Ti c64+ based 802.11a OFDM PHY complete Rx chain and tested it using MATLAB Tx chain for different channel conditions. Expanded MIMO-Spatial multiplexing.
  • eCOS: Ported it to a ARM920T platform (SMDK2410). Developed RealTek RTL8139 based PCI Ethernet card MAC driver (& DHCP/BootP) for FreeBSD TCP/IP stack.
  • Linux: 2.4 & 2.6 kernels on MIPS Atlas 4Kc board with Busybox Ramdisk & RedHat NFS distributions.
  • uCOS-II (Priority based Preemptive RTOS): Developed ports for various ARM/THUMB (920T, 720T, 7TDMI(-S)) & MIPS (4Kc) platforms from scratch.
  • LwIP & uIP TCP/IP stack: Ported it over uCOS-II, Prism2 WiFi, CS8900 & SAA9730 PCI Ethernet drivers. Wrote HTTP (with SSI, CGI), FTP server applications.
  • GDB stubs: GDB stubs & ROM monitors for both MIPS & ARM architectures.