Adrian Wood is a founder and Director of Brymedia Group, a strategic planning and consulting joint venture between Bryantel Limited and Awesomedia Group Limited. 

Since 1986 he has worked in telecommunications operations in 20 countries on 5 continents.  Until 1995 he served on the Board of public-listed Matrix Telecommunications Limited, which had project partnerships with Telstra, Telecom Finland (Sonera) and Portugal Telecom in Australia, South East Asia and Europe.  Adrian served as CEO of Matrix Europe Limited between 1992 and 1995.

He then worked for the Norwegian national operator Telenor until end of 2008, based in Budapest Hungary.  Telenor had regional joint venture investments in GSM, VSAT and mobile data in Hungary, Austria, Russia, Lithuania, Montenegro and Greece.  Adrian worked on project teams and served as Chairman of the Lithuania and Austria businesses.

In 2001 he was appointed as pioneer CEO of MTN Nigeria Communications Limited, which by its 3rd full fiscal year had revenues over US$1.5 bill, net income of $509 mill and 47% market share.  In 5 years MTN Nigeria (www.mtnonline.com) grew to an $8 bill valuation business and continues to produce 42%+ of the entire MTN Group’s 21-country EBITDA, with 37 million Nigerian customers.  MTN’s branding, marketing strategy, important projects in corporate governance and executive talent management, all originated in Nigeria and were cascaded across other MTN Group opcos.  Former MTN Nigeria executives reporting to Adrian now serve as CEOs or COOs of MTN opcos in Ghana, Swaziland, Uganda, Dubai (middle east) and Iran.  Others include the CFOs for Nigeria, Ghana, middle east and the CMO for South Africa.

In mid-2006 Adrian was appointed founding non-executive chairman of Hi Media Limited (www.hitv.com.ng), the digital DTH pay TV operator, with 42 channels and over 300,000 customers.  Awesomedia Limited, of which he is a founder, is the largest of the eight shareholders in Hi TV.

After studying engineering, Adrian obtained B.Com (marketing) and M.Com (bus. admin., law) degrees, all from the University of New South Wales, Sydney Australia.